Prayer Updates

“We will not hide them from their children, showing to the generation to come the praise of the Lord, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he hath done.” – Psalm 78:4

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Prayer Update Archive

Prayer Update 11/19/07 The Unfolding Plan

More Pictures…

The Lord’s provision for our family as we returned from Mongolia in July, and began serving at IBLP Headquarters in Oak Brook, IL.

Prayer Update 6/28/07 Needs in Mongolia

More Pictures…

Thoughts on the needs in Mongolia and reports from the 2007 Ulaanbaatar Basic Seminar.

Prayer Update 4/10/2007 Expanding ministry

More Pictures…

Pastor Enkhee’s funeral, Mom and Dad’s return from Thailand, the Tsagaansar holiday, and trainings with hospital staff.

Prayer Update 1/10/07 Christmas in Mongolia

More Pictures…

Derrick, Rachelle and David return from the Philippines, and our first Christmas on the mission field.

Prayer Update 11/21/06 Return to Mongolia

More Pictures…

The Waller family returns to Mongolia after a summer at the farm in Wisconsin.

Prayer Update 10/09/06 Change of seasons

More Pictures…

Retreats in the Northwoods of Michigan, and God’s provision for clothing needs.

Prayer Update 9/05/06 Winchester Seminar

More Pictures…

A report after the Winchester, VA Children’s Program, and pictures from the summer at the Waller farm.

Prayer Update 8/08/06 Children’s Seminars

More Pictures…

Reports from the Shorewood, MN Children’s Program, and additional pictures of the cleanup after the collapse of our aging barn roof.

Prayer Update 7/20/06 Day by Day

More Pictures…

Summer days at the farm, including our latest creative project.

Prayer Update 6/20/06 Back to the home fields

More Pictures…

Our return to the US, and three weeks of traveling.

Prayer Update 4/29/06 Taking up the torch

More Pictures…

Nearly two months since the previous update, this update describes the preparations for the Basic Seminar, and a visit to the Batbaigal bakery.

Prayer Update 3/3/06 Reports from China

More Pictures…

An update after our family took a two week trip to China to assist with two Character Family Seminars.

Prayer Update 2/7/06 Touch and Go

More Pictures…

The first two weeks after our return to Mongolia, the Sagansar holiday, and the opportunities before us.

Prayer Update 1/14/06 Preparations to Return

More Pictures…

A visit to visit friends on the east coast, and a final note before the family travels back to Mongolia.

Updates on Isaac Waller Prayer Request

A brief e-mail to forward to those that have been praying for Isaac and our family through these past months.

Prayer Update 12/15/05 Places to go, people to see

Describes our return to America, the memorial services for Isaac, and a ten day trip to Oklahoma.

Prayer Update 11/11/05 To God be the Glory!

In this first full update after Isaac’s passing, I shared about some of the ways that we have seen the Lord working through these unexpected circumstances.

Prayer Update 11/7/05 Together again

Sent after my parents returned to Mongolia with Isaac’s body, this update describes my parents’ time in Korea, and some of the decisions we were facing.

Prayer Update 11/4/05 Isaac went home

A brief e-mail simply stating the facts, this was the first news that many of our friends heard of Isaac’s Homegoing.

Prayer Update 11/3/05 Isaac very sick, evacuated to Korea

Written just hours after Mom, Dad and Isaac left for Korea, we did not know what the next hours and days held

Prayer Update 10/08/05 Phone Systems in Mongolia

Prayer Update 9/30/05 A Test of Focus

Prayer Update 8/25/05 An appeal for prayer

Prayer Update 7/5/05 Family Reunion

Prayer Update 5/28/05 Piles of sand

Prayer Update 5/18/05 Free inside

Prayer Update 4/21/05 One more week

Prayer Update 4/11/05 Answers to Prayer!

Prayer Update 4/1/05 New horizons

Prayer Update 3/11/05 Sharpening and stretching

Prayer Update 2/24/05 Home snowy home

Prayer Update 2/1/05 Happy reunion

Prayer Update 1/25/05 A quick note

Prayer Update 1/21/05 Plumbing in Mongolia

Prayer Update 1/7/05 The Forward Advance

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