Pictures 1/14/06

Now I can finally include more pictures with my updates!


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This Christmas our family had the opportunity to participate with a family

from our church that was presenting a live nativity.



The shepherds looked pretty impressive when the lights came on.



They used a 4 wheeler to hoist "Gabriel" into the air as he

announced his message to the shepherds. I thought this

was pretty impressive for a home-made nativity on a family farm!



"Where is he that was born king of the Jews?"



Herod sure hadn't heard of any king being born!



Samuel's sheep (goat) did a good job for the presentation.

The Zacharias family hosted the event and provided the animals,

including lamas for the camels.  :-)



Lydia and Rebecca enjoy a warm hug from Mom.



Derrick's work with the chain saw and axe has kept us warm

this winter as we supplement our propane heating system

with a wood stove.



"Well, you need some chunk wood too.", a dear friend from

church told us, arriving a few days later with "some chunk wood."

(A semi load of hardwood logs.)



Replacing a gauge and airing up the bladder tank were a

couple projects to get our well working well again.

(No pun intended.)



Christmas Eve at the Gallus's home carried on the tradition

of the Waller orchestra playing some Christmas carols together.



By the time 11 people buy small gifts for each other, we end

up with quite a number of items under the tree. Years of

practice have refined the efficiency of opening gifts on

Christmas Day.



Even Derrick tried a carol on his trumpet this year.



For our southern friends, yes, there really was snow outside

for our Wisconsin Christmas.



Samuel opens a gift as Sarah looks on.



Lydia and Matthew were pretty excited about receiving an

art set this year.



Although we miss Isaac, it was great to be together as a

family for Christmas.



Well, it was going to be the biggest snowman we ever built...

After rolling somewhere around 50 three-foot snowballs, we

were well on our way with the top of the second ball towering

over twelve feet before we went inside for a meal.


We came out to find that the hundreds of pounds of snow had

split and crushed the bottom ball, leaving us to rethink our

engineering techniques.



Lacking the time and energy to do another snowman, we

settled on building an igloo with the remaining chunks.

This picture does not give much impression of the size, but

the right side was made from the remains of our snowman

as seen in the previous picture.



"Been traveling long?"... Matthew was finding creative ways

to enjoy the trip out to the east coast.



Stopping to visit our dear friends, the Glick family, we spent

a few days at their home. Here Sarah and Deanna look

at a scrapbook together.



A skilled craftsman, Mr. Glick helped Derrick (not pictured)

to build a wood chessboard.



Visiting another family, we had the rare treat of seeing some

video footage of our family taken some 8 years ago.

I will leave it to you to guess which Waller this is...



As I described in more detail in my update, the Lord allowed

us the opportunity to see Nell Pryde in Maryland. Even

after brain surgery and amidst everything she was going

through, Nell shared words of faith and comfort as we

talked about Isaac's homegoing.



Sarah got to try playing a harp while visiting the White

family in Maryland.



Now, that's a family sized table! The Martin family hosted

us for a meal as we started on the trip back to Wisconsin.



Stopping in Wisconsin to spend a night with the Hoshor family,

we looked at pictures of Mongolia, and pictures from their

time in Russia.



Did you know Asian beetles like chocolate cake? I was

amazed at how much that little guy ate!



Driving through Amish country, we passed a few horses

and carriages.



Back home at the farm, we were surprised one evening by

a knock at the door. It turned out to be the UPS driver with

a surprise package sent by some friends.



Samuel and Matthew showed special interest as we put

together our first radio controlled model airplane.



The airplane came with a video explaining how to put it

together, and some basic flying instructions.


I tried flying it a couple days later. It is harder than it looks,

and I made a few hard landings. (i.e. soft crashes.  :-)


Everything was repairable, so we might try it again next summer

when our family is home for a few months.



Out in the field, Derrick was excited to see the corn harvest

coming in from our fields.



Looks like they had a good harvest inside too!



The final rays of sun disappear in an array of colors as

David captures this photo from our roof.



The conveniences of modern technology allowed me to

work on some e-mails in the dentist office lobby.



Sunrise over our home a few days ago. We enter this new

season in our family with a deeper confidence in the

all-sufficient grace of our loving Savior.



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