Pictures 9/05/06

Below you can see additional pictures that I could not include in the Prayer Update e-mails.


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A group photo of the Winchester, VA Children's Program team.

Front row: Mrs. Conrad's Mother, Esther, Sarah, Arielle, Ruthie, Melissa.

Middle row: Mrs. Conrad, Madison, Shelley, Leah, Erin, Emily, Tori.

Back Row: Daniel, Adam, Blake, Donald.



Singing together on Sunday morning at a home fellowship in Virginia.



I had the opportunity to tell most of the stories for "Large Group"



On Monday we learned about God's amazing design for the ant, and

how God also has a special purpose for exactly the way He made

each one of us.



On Tuesday, Blake narrated while several teachers played parts in

the Jonah story. Here, Jonah finally repents after being swallowed by

the great fish.



Various crafts and activities helped reinforce the lessons being taught

throughout the week.



On Wednesday, the Lord answered prayer for grace in a special way

as I shared a personal illustration on gaining a clear conscience.



Although they were a quieter group, the students seemed excited

about the lessons we shared.



Leah shares with her team the importance of discerning which

thoughts we should allow to remain in our minds, much like we sort

out junk mail from a mailbox.



Esther illustrates what happens when we allow a wrong thought to

stay in our mind. Wrong thoughts lead to wrong actions and habits.



Madison did an excellent job coordinating the logistical details of the

Children's Program, and leading the songs.



It was neat to see the creativity of each team as the leaders used

different illustrations to convey Biblical truth to their students.



"Joshua" and the Israeli soldiers (student volunteers) consulted

together before marching to the city of Ai.



The ensuing battle was fierce, but did not last very long.



God had seen Achan take some of the forbidden treasures after the

previous battle of Jericho, and withheld His blessing from the Israeli

army until this sin was dealt with.



Each day Madison led the teacher training sessions as the teachers

prepared for the lessons they would teach that evening.



The hours of training and preparation helped us to make the very most

of the time spent with the children.



In addition to the teacher training time, the teams were encouraged to

personally prepare each lesson with a clear message, illustrated with

examples from their own lives.



Following the afternoon of training and preparation, we gathered

around the table for dinner, then went back to our team stations to

prepare for the children to arrive.



Leah and Tori's team work on a sheep craft as a reminder of the Lord

our Shepherd.



After sharing about my brother Isaac, I went around

to the teams and gave the students posters to take home as a

special memory from the story. Isaac had designed these posters in

Mongolia shortly before the Lord called him Home.



Faithfully organizing the materials for the teams, Sarah also helped

with Wisdom Walk, one-on-one times with the students.



On Friday, we sang at a nursing home, then stopped at Wal-Mart for

some supplies before going out to a park for a picnic.



It was a beautiful day for a picnic, and after lunch we played a few

rounds of Ultimate.



On Saturday morning I was called to the stage to give instructions to

the young men on the six steps to a proper bow.



Then we all had to check Blake's notes to make sure he was ready

to tell the story of the "Frisbee chasing dog."



Pausing to confirm the time for the Parent Presentation.



About sixty adults attended the Basic Seminar, and they enjoyed

watching the children share the songs and verses that they had

learned through the week.



After the Parent Presentation, we went outside with the students and

played some games together.



This helped to give a the students a break between the hours of

sitting and quieter activities.



It was warm, but still lots of fun for everyone.



"Mr. Adam! We found one!" On Monday I had shared a story about

God's amazing design in creating the ant, so I had each team find a

live ant before they went back inside.



In the final large group, I shared my idea to have all the students help

in a "David and Goliath" story.



They were thrilled with the proposal, and gathered backstage to find

appropriate costumes.



The commander of the Israelite army did a great job

teaching his soldiers to march and follow orders.



King Saul's armor certainly looked big on "David", but some might

feel that it looks big on King Saul too...



David fearlessly hurls a stone at Goliath.



There was a cheer as David raised the (wig) of the fallen giant. The

story ended with a challenge to trust God as we face the "giants" of

our lives.



May the Lord bless the seeds that were planted, and cause them to

spring up and bring forth much fruit!



Back at the Waller farm, the cleanup work on the barn continues.



Derrick's calves are growing.



The pigs are thrilled to get any kind of food scraps.



Lydia's special calf, Fawny.



And Rebecca's "Teddy Bear".



Summer days on the farm.



The latest creative project... Samuel spearheaded this one, building a

raft with some empty five gallon buckets. The challenge was to come

up with a design the would not damage the buckets, and could be

disassembled for transport. Well done, Samuel!



Another recent farm project was to replace the roof on our pump house.



Heights didn't seem to bother Rebecca, or any of the smaller Wallers,

for that matter.



After removing the cedar shake shingles, all the hundreds of little

nails had to be pounded in before we could put on the tar paper.



Even Matthew worked to help pound in the nails.



The hardwood boards made the job a little more challenging...



...but made the roof stronger to support our family roofing crew.



Our family visited a coworker of my Dad, and enjoyed a meal together.



We have enjoyed some brilliant sunsets in the past few weeks.



Home sweet home.



A neighbor stopped by to take a look at Derrick's hay. I guess

he liked it! He came back the next week for 15 more bales, but he

brought a truck that time.  :-)



Held at the same lake where my parents were baptized over twenty

years ago, Sarah and Samuel took part in a baptismal service.



Pastor Tedeschi is the one that baptized my parents, and it is a

special joy for him to see the next generation being raised up.



Sarah and Samuel shared their testimony of faith in Jesus Christ,

and then were baptized as a public testimony of their decision to

follow the Lord.



While visiting the Zacharias family, we all "helped" Mr. Jensen as he

worked to repair a buried electric wire. Normally he probably doesn't

have quite so many people suggesting ideas.  :-)



We were glad to quickly find the break, and an hour later the power

was restored to the shop.



Mom and Dad enjoy some time outside.



Quiet country roads give good opportunities for family bike rides.



Hay season is still in full swing, and the younger ones enjoy an

occasional "hayride" with Derrick.



Dad reads from a biography to the younger ones. We have all enjoyed

the time together as a family this summer.




Hope you enjoyed the pictures!! 



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