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Thursday, August 25th, 2005
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Dear Family and Friends,

John 15 teaches us that we have a loving Father that sometimes takes us through seasons of pruning and purging, that we might bear even more fruit for Him. Like a grape vine that is carefully pruned and dressed by the husbandman, God sometimes takes us through difficulties and trials, so that we might experience a greater measure of His love and faithfulness.

Our witness to the world is usually not that of a life that is always smooth and easy, where problems seldom occur. The world laughs at such examples, thinking “I could be a good person too, if my life was that easy.”

God’s love for us is far deeper than just our present circumstances. Like gold that is refined in a fire, or like a valuable pearl that is created by an irritating grain of sand, God wants us to show His character in us through the suffering He allows in our lives.

I have not written in several weeks, but this was not for lack of desire to keep you informed. Unexpected difficulties and needs seem to have been coming from all directions, revealing priorities and testing character.

* Internet Connection

After working very well for the first month, our wireless Internet connection began experiencing difficulties as we tried to send and receive e-mails. After many days and hours of troubleshooting, we learned that this had been caused by some changes that our service provider had made.

After a few weeks they were able to resolve the problem, and the connection worked great, -for about three days. We then began to experience further connection problems which still have not been resolved. I don’t mind troubleshooting these kinds of things, and enjoy the learning involved, but it can be difficult when you have other pressing responsibilities needing your time.

* Computer Issues

A number of unexpected computer issues have also come up recently. One of our main workstations suddenly would not start up one morning. It took the better part of a day to identify the problem as a malfunctioning modem, and to rebuild the computer system.

Last week I was made aware of some strange things happening with a couple of the computers, and when I finally got around to checking things out a few days later, I discovered a computer virus on our network. It took Jedidiah and I about four hours, working late into the evening to eradicate the virus.

Yesterday I sat down to begin planning for the children’s seminar this weekend, when I learned that our printer was not working. After about an hour I had identified and corrected the problem, but was not very prepared for the meeting to discuss the children’s seminar program.

* Phone System

This morning my brother came up to the office to tell me that the phone system was not working. Apparently during a couple phone calls this morning, the system suddenly went dead, and we could not get a dial tone from any of the phones. After resetting the system, I began to be a little concerned when the faithful little TalkSwitch would not start up.

I disassembled it for further troubleshooting, but it seems that after five years this phone system has breathed it’s last, or at best, would need some parts from America. This will likely leave us for the next few days or weeks without the ability to call between our apartments.

These and a number of other issues have brought an accumulation of challenges unlike what I have seen before. I remember times of great challenge or pressure, but usually not from so many directions all at the same time. As we discussed today in our noon prayer meeting, I wonder how many of these things are pointing towards the Anger Resolution Seminar we are holding this weekend.

In the past I have often seen how some of our greatest difficulties were just before the greatest advancements in our work and ministry for the people of Mongolia. It is for this reason that I am writing, to encourage you to pray with us in this important time. This Friday and Saturday we are holding an Anger Resolution Seminar and Children’s Institute.

This is the first time that we are holding this seminar in Mongolia, and I am excited to see how the Lord will use it in the lives of those that come to hear God’s ways of resolving root issues that cause anger. (See: We do not have many people registered at this point, but several calls in the past couple days seem to indicate a growing interest.

I don’t want to leave you discouraged. Although most of this update describes some of our recent challenges, I want you to know that God is also working in the midst of all these things.

A couple weeks ago I felt prompted to do a backup of the primary data on our computer network. I had no idea that just a few days later a computer virus would invade the network and destroy some of our files. So far I have not identified any damage that could not be replaced from our backups.

Having the Spiritual gift of serving, I greatly enjoy the opportunity to assist others, and especially missionaries, using the computer skills that the Lord has entrusted to me. Last week we received a call from a friend at the New Tribes Missions headquarters.

An 8 hour jeep ride beyond the last paved road and train station, Jeremy and Roxi are serving in the countryside hometown of our Pastor Enkhee and his wife Sodnom. Their laptop computer suddenly crashed one day, and they have been unable to get it started up again.

I could only imagine the frustration of being so many miles away from help beyond what they could do on their own. Reaching them by phone, I walk them through some troubleshooting steps which seemed to indicate a failed hard drive. They are sending the computer into the city with another family today, so I hope to look at it further in the next few days.

Some of you may remember that I have been involved in a project to make the Mongolian Bible available on the computer. Although my time has been very limited, I have been praying about this project, and the Lord seems to be opening up the way to move forward.

We are potentially a few weeks away from the first widespread distribution of Mongolian Bible Software. I am looking forward to the day when I can prepare CDs to give away.

Requests for trainings continue to come in. Tim just came back from a meeting with the Mongolian International University leaders. They invited us to come and teach their 250 freshmen and sophomores twice a week. A representative from another school just came a few days ago with a request to do monthly trainings for their teachers. Several more requests are likely to come in the next few weeks as the school year begins.

Please continue to pray for us! There is so much happening, and we greatly need the Lord’s wisdom as we move forward. May the Lord bless each one of you for your part in this work!

Praise Points:

– For the many requests and opportunities that are before us! We need wisdom in knowing how to best focus our energies and efforts.

– For the safe arrival of my brother Derrick on the 16th of August. Now our entire family is together again, serving with the Character Training Institute in Mongolia.

– For the many opportunities to further develop computer skills as I troubleshoot computer and Internet issues. Although the timing is sometimes interesting, it is a very effective way to learn.

Prayer Requests:

– For the Anger Resolution Seminar and Children’s Institute this weekend. Pray for extra grace and enthusiasm as I lead the children’s program.

– Pray for wisdom as I work on Jeremy and Roxi’s computer. We would like to recover the data from the old hard drive, but this can be difficult to do.


A large stadium next to our building provides a nice area for the younger ones to get some exercise. Here Matthew connects solidly with the ball in our kickball game a couple weeks ago.

Some friends from church invited the team to the countryside for some berry picking and hiking. Here Isaac fords the stream with Rebecca on his shoulders.

The water was cold, but this did not stop three young Wallers from making the most of it.

While the ladies went swimming, several of the guys climbed a nearby mountain. In the valley behind me we picked berries that are similar to the chokecherries I have seen in America.

The round tent-like structure is called a ger. (Pronounced “Gare“) This is the traditional Mongolian home, and is commonly seen, even in the city.

In spite of overcast skies and light rain that morning, the Lord answered prayer and gave us a beautiful sunny day in the countryside. In the photo above you can see the returning clouds and rain on the horizon as we left.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

In Christ,

– Adam

Adam Waller ~

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” – Galatians 6:9

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