Pictures 7/20/06

Below you can see additional pictures that I could not include in the Prayer Update e-mails.


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We were blessed by a visit from the Glick family, dear friends from Ohio.



This really is just two families. We met the Glick family some sixteen

years ago, and have enjoyed many times of fellowship together.



Just returning from a singing/evangelistic trip in Mexico, they shared

fresh stories of what the Lord is doing in and through their family.



Dad's work in the garage gave me some more motivation to go through

my stuff, and get rid of what I really don't need. I am ashamed to say

that some of this went from Chicago, to Maryland, then to Wisconsin!



At a graduation for some friends, an address was given by Joshua Chegge.

I never forgot the day several years ago when our family heard his testimony

in the living room of our pastor's home. Joshua and his wife showed us

the scars and shared an incredible account of God's deliverance in

the face of cruel persecution for their faith in Christ while living in Africa.



One of the activities at the all-school reunion was a milking contest

humanely performed on this patient cow. Lydia, pictured above, tried her

hand, but it was actually my sister Sarah that got the most milk in two

minutes of any of the ladies that tried the challenge.



As hot as it was, the younger ones enjoyed the water balloon catapult

activity. As children of an alumni, we got to do it all for free. 

...Hmm... -interesting analogies here...



After some practice, they got to be quite good shots, getting me much

wetter than I had anticipated! (Each side was given five water balloons

per round.)



Dad rides by on a float with his classmates.



Richard, one of Dad's former teachers, enjoyed hearing about our family.



David took the younger ones on a hike by the wild rice river, where Dad

used to spend time as a boy.



Some of Dad's relatives, Frank and Jean Kindseth had us over for ice cream

and fellowship in Twin Valley, Minnesota.



As Mom and Dad visited with the local pastor I timed the younger ones

on some sprints in the gym.



After some more suggestions from his older siblings, Matthew learned

that a fast start is critical for a good sprint.



Samuel watches over the rail as the cowboys prepare for the next round

of competition.



How little did we imagine that we would have the opportunity to ride a

horse ourselves just a couple hours later!



The younger ones don't get to ride horses very often, so this special

treat was all the more appreciated.



We enjoy seeing the beautiful flowers here in the States.



David must have taken this picture while I was untangling one of the swings.



Isaac and I used to catch various creatures in this stream.



Often used for family reunions on my Dad's side, this site provide a nice

place for us to camp for a night.



A morning scene with a "breakfast buffet"



One last "under-dog" before it was time to leave.



In Barnsville, Minnesota, we stopped in to see my Dad's brother Mark.



Another pretty flower.



This sight wasn't so pretty. Derrick's haybine broke down in the field,

slowing the hay production this year.



Derrick works to jack up the twisted frame.



Replacing the flimsy conduit poles, (on ground) with the heavier water

piping from our bar gave the rigidity that we needed on the carriage.



Of course we had to take time for "tests" as we completed different

phases of the project.



The Bible Club team gets ready for their two weeks in the Cities.



A sending prayer, and off they go...




Back on the farm, things were a little quieter, but we enjoyed a visit from

some of Dad's relatives. Clarice, the lady with the white hair, is the cousin

of my Dad's mother.



Noland enjoyed a ride on our wagon as Matthew took him around the driveway.



Haying season brings extra fun for the smaller Wallers, as I discovered

last evening. They were jumping off a shed into a tall pile of soft hay.



Derrick's calves seem to be growing well.



Some would even take corn from the hand.



In the watered garden, our corn is growing very well.



But the fields are a different story. The lack of rain the last couple months

has raised serious concern for farmers in this area of Wisconsin.



While not good for growing crops, the dry weather is nice

for baling hay. Derrick has a growing stack of square

bales (yes, they are actually rectangles) in our steel shed. 



Matthew tries out the back and armrests that Samuel added to the carriage.



Lydia with another project that Samuel had made. Note the hinged door

on the bottom for picking up the mail at the end of our lane.



With the three youngest riding, it was still a smooth ride, -and good

exercise for the one on the bike.  :-)



The look seems to say: "Are you finished taking pictures yet, so we can

go for our ride?"



An old v-belt seemed to give the right combination of strength and flexibility

for constructing the hitch.



Some plastic milk carton washers helped reduce the wear on the belts.

(Just in case you ever build one of these.)



"Okay, just one more picture, then we can go."



Here is a big flock of red winged blackbirds that we saw on our ride.



Here are some of the "red wings" as they flew by.



Derrick works on the brakes for his car as Rebecca looks on.



"Sunny", the neighbor's dog loves to be with the younger children, and

probably spends more time at our house than her own "family" where

the children are grown.



Rachelle and Samuel planted some flowers by our house, adding some

color to our yard.



Well, he wasn't quite riding it, -yet! Matthew enjoys looking at the horses

at the farm of some friends of ours.



In yesterday's update from the Bible club teams, they sent a few pictures

that I thought I would include. David is on the far right.



Teaching at a Bible Club was a new experience for many of these young




Here Sarah tells a story for one of the clubs.


Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!



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