Pictures 1/10/07

Below you can see additional pictures that I could not include in the Prayer Update e-mails.


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On the way to the Philippines, David and Rachelle were able to visit

some good friends in Korea. The Kim girls, pictured above, had

served with us in Oklahoma City a few years ago.


The 2006 Philippines Ministry Team. As you can see, the weather

was a little different than the snow and ice in Mongolia at this

time of year.


David with a Filipino orphan boy.


The team used a variety of teaching styles to share the truths of

God's Word. Here Andrew Mathews tells the story of the prodigal son.


One of the highlights of the trip was to meet Brother Yun, a Chinese

Christian leader that suffered much for the sake of the Gospel.

This is the man featured in "The Heavenly Man" book which describes

the persecution faced by the House Church movement in China.


The teaching opportunities in the Philippines ranged from handfuls

to hundreds of students and teachers, interested in learning about

character and Biblical truth.


Back in Mongolia, we received the news of David's illness through

Instant messenger. Phone calls suffered from poor connections,

but we were grateful for the updates as we prayed for our siblings.


Upon their return to Mongolia, David and Rachelle were able to give

a report to the church, many of whom had been praying for them.

Outgrowing our previous location, the Holy Way Church currently

meets in the auditorium of a large medical university.


Everyone enjoyed seeing the pictures in David's slide show



Creativity abounded as the younger ones used scrap paper to create

a farming community on the living room floor.


Christmas dinner in Mongolia. It was special to be all together again.


Samuel's cardboard fireplace added to the atmosphere as we

gathered after dinner for some time as a family.


With the traditional $2 limit, we all bought presents for each other.


But where materials lacked, creativity did much

more abound.


At last, the day Matthew had been waiting for...


Pausing for a picture.


Some of the presents were more difficult to open.


Rebecca was happy to receive a horse.


We enjoyed a lot of laughter together.


David inspects a new pen.


Samuel unwraps a stuffed version of his favorite animal at our farm.


Matthew was a good guesser, but there were a few

that he didn't figure out.


A gift doesn't have to be big to be special.


The four Waller sisters.


I was surprised to find this calendar at the market, since most

Mongolians don't really like cats. Lydia loves cats.


Rachelle and Sarah treated each of us to a plate homemade Christmas

cookies. She also gave one to each of our Mongolian staff.


In Mongolia the weather is so dry and cold that we don't get much

snow. It is probably more often swept away than it is shoveled.


I looked out my window one morning and saw the beginnings of a

beautiful sunrise.


Grabbing my coat and camera, I ran to the top of a nearby hill.


The brilliant colors often only last a few minutes, so you have to be

quick to capture them on camera.


The hill also gives a good view of the east side of the city.


Tens of thousands of people in Ulaanbaatar live in round felt-covered

gers, or in small houses in the outlying ger districts. Most have

electricity, but no running water.


Looking to the west, you can see the building where my family and

I live. Throughout the city there are many blocks of old Russian-built

apartment buildings like ours.


The outside of the buildings are usually painted concrete, or ceramic

tiles like you see reflecting the morning sun in the picture above.


Several weeks ago we saw this house on fire as we

were driving to the airport for a character training.

These types of fires are often difficult to put out,

especially in sub-zero temperatures. The red vehicle

is a fire truck on the way to the fire.


While teaching on the character quality of attentiveness,

I was sharing about the importance of having good

posture while working. This research gave me some

good ideas on how to make my chair better suited

for extended work at my desk. (Longer legs require

taller chairs.)


We have also had the opportunity to open our home to a number of

friends and families in Ulaanbaatar. Here we shared a meal with our

dear friend Dr. Choi and his family.


The smaller Wallers still practice the string tricks that they learned

from a visiting missionary a year ago. Dave Titus showed them how

to present the Gospel message through string tricks.


In silent testimony to an awful night, these bottles were left in our

stairwell after the situation in the apartment below us got so bad the

police had to be called. We often see testimony of the damage that

alcohol brings to lives and families.


The morning sun is barely shining through the heavy smoke one

winter morning.


The coal smoke in the city builds up quite heavily after a few calm

days in the winter heating season. Thankfully, this is the exception,

and we also enjoy some clear sunny days as well.


I had the opportunity to attend the funeral of Isabelle Sieber, a Swiss

missionary to Mongolia. Isabelle died in a fire when the orphanage

that she worked at burned down. Her love and commitment to God

and the children she served touched many lives. Her casket was

overlaid with the Swiss, Mongolian and Christian flags.


A view out the south window of my apartment.


A certain Waller demonstrates his talent in fitting all the dishes in

the dish drainer.


The Batbaigal Bakery presented our staff with a huge cake at

Christmas time.


(These pictures didn't make it into my last update.)

My family was quite shocked to find me "playing with Legos" a few

days before we left for Mongolia.


Actually, I was building a motorized, belt-driven, automated paper

feeder for our printer. (A broken part on our printer caused the paper

to jam if you did not pull out every sheet as it finished printing.)


This contraption allowed me to automate the printing of my September

update, the first one that I also mailed as a hard copy to a list of

family and friends.


Our first "Family Night" at UBTC was well attended by children and

adults. Tim and Angie decided to join the children's program on

their last meeting before they returned to America.


With Nara translating, Dad shared on Christ's command to "Let your

light so shine." We heard some very encouraging testimonies at the

conclusion of the class.


We are blessed live next to a large sports field that has been flooded

and turned into an ice skating rink.


The younger Wallers brought ice skates from the States, and enjoy

getting outdoor exercise after finishing school for the day.


Rebecca turned ten years old on January 4th.


Lydia poses by a "Christmas Tree" that was set up

in the center of the ice rink.


With busy schedules from morning to night most of the week, it is

nice to join the smaller Wallers outside on Saturday afternoon for

some exercise.


Sarah and Rebecca "go for a spin."


Warm greetings from Ulaanbaatar, the coldest

capital of the world!



Hope you enjoyed the pictures!! 



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