Pictures 2/7/06

Below you can see additional pictures that I could not include in the Prayer Update e-mails.


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We are so grateful for the efforts of the Johnson family as they handle our

mail and other State-side responsibilities while we serve on the field. We had

a delightful visit together shortly before our family returned to Mongolia.



The Lord protected us through icy weather as our family drove from Wisconsin to Chicago.



Our camper and van received a much needed car wash after our arrival in Oak Brook.



"How many pounds to go?" Rachelle and I worked together to pack

the last few bags the night before we left.



We lined up our baggage on the driveway for a picture before loading it into the trailer.

The reduced weight allowances on International travel limited us to about 1500 pounds

of luggage for the family. (Much of this being materials and supplies for the work in Mongolia.)



Sunrise on the 19th, the beginning of our journey back to Mongolia.



A Mongolian friend was able to finish making some traditional clothing items

for Mom and Rachelle, just in time for Sagansar.



This round tent-like structure is called a ger. ("Gare") It is the traditional

Mongolian nomadic home, and still quite common, even in the city.



It was a bit slippery, but no one fell too hard as we visited some Mongolian

families for the Sagansar holiday.



Another view of the ger district. You can see the haze of smoke as the

families burn coal to keep their homes warm in the sub-zero temperatures.



Nordema, a student for one of our character classes, invited our family to visit her ger.



Lydia and Rebecca seemed to enjoy their first Sagansar, but I don't think

they were expecting our host to keep piling more food on their plates.  :-)



The round tower on the center of the table is built from bricks of fried bread.

It is stacked taller or shorter, depending on the age of the oldest member

of the family. On top are little sugar cubes, dried yoghurt and other little dainties.



Tim refers to the Character English class flyer in his "State of the Training

Center Address".



After Tim's address we posed for a staff picture. Not pictured here are the

younger Waller children, who are just as much a part of the family at CTI.



Derrick ponders his next move while playing a game with a missionary boy.



While visiting the same family, David was able to write out some hymns for

their children to play on harmonica.



Altan-hoyig, a young man from our church has been working as a missionary

in the countryside for the past several months. He came to get some

materials and advice as he prepares to teach our character materials in

his countryside town, hundreds of miles from Ulaanbaatar.



Ideree to the rescue! A small electrical fire in the kitchen caused some

excitement one day as Rachelle was cooking dinner.



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