Pictures 6/20/06

Below you can see additional pictures that I could not include in the Prayer Update e-mails.


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At a meeting of three different schools we were treated to

several performances including this class in traditional dress.



Each of our staff was presented with gifts and special

recognition in appreciation for the teaching that we have

been giving to these school teachers over the past months.



After a Basic Seminar Follow-Up Course meeting in our home,

some of our Mongolian friends were very interested in the

newly completed Mongolian Bible software.



This is how you flag down a taxi in Mongolia. Just hold out

your arm, (preferably your right arm) and wave your hand

up and down when an empty taxi goes by.



A final training for a selected group of students and teachers

in the Songinokhairkin district before our family left.



Hey, what's one more family? The Morley family joins us

around the dinner table for a meal. They have been close

friends of ours in Mongolia.



One more group picture. In the center is our Director, Tim

and his wife Angie. They, along with Erin in the blue plaid

and Naomi in the pink are the remaining American staff

carrying on the work in Mongolia.



On our final Sunday at church, our family sang a hymn

together after my Dad shared a few words.



We then played a couple verses of "I Am Bound For The

Promised Land." (Meaning Heaven, of course.)



With tears running down his cheeks, Pastor Dugermaa

led in prayer for our family.



Wearing my new del jacket, I gave one final teaching

session on the character quality of forgiveness. I shared on

the importance of seeing the bigger picture of what God

is doing through the offences of others. (Ideree translating.)



Continuing a CTI tradition, Tim presented each one in our

family with a special pin, recognizing our service in Mongolia.



Our family was also presented with special gift by the leaders

of the Holy Way church. The Morin-khur or "horse fiddle" that

we were given was not a tourist model, but a professional

quality instrument.



A closer view of the instrument. It has two horse-hair strings

and is played with a bow, much like a cello.



The sun was bright, but we enjoyed getting outside for some

games on the grass outside the Beijing airport in China.

We had a seven-hour layover before the flight to Chicago.



The final rays of sun disappear beneath the clouds as our

plane made the 12 hour flight back to the US.



Dealing with this many pieces of luggage required a detailed

inventory checklist system, which David carefully managed

at each airport.



Making use of some extra hours in Chicago, the smaller

Wallers assisted in a collation project at the IBLP Headquarters.

I quickly discovered that I had underestimated how fast and

efficiently they could complete this type of project!



The Lord gave us safe travel over thousands of miles going

from Chicago to Georgia, to Minnesota, and finally home

to Wisconsin.



The green grass and trees seemed so vivid when

contrasted with the Mongolian landscape below,



where our staff had joined some Christian students and

professors from MIU for a holiday outside the city.



I think all of us noticed how soft the beds were in America.



Here my Dad shared at a small church meeting in




Rachelle enjoyed playing the piano at the Indianapolis

Training Center.



After the full days of packing and travel, it was nice to take

some time to rest and be together as a family. Here

Derrick challenges Samuel to a game of Stratego.



I even had a chance to take care of some pending sewing




Loading up for travel early one morning in Indianapolis.



A typical morning scene the week of the conference in

Nashville, TN. Camping is usually the most economical way

for us to stay, but the other campers must have thought we

were crazy to be camping with suits and ties.  :-)



But at the conference we fit in perfectly. It was a real blessing

to be among so many like-minded families.



Hmm... I pause for a moment while trying to troubleshoot

a virus on David's computer.



Turning eight this year, Matthew was finally old enough to

attend the ALERT Cadet program for young men. He had

been looking forward to this conference for months. In the

evening he would be tired and muddy, but excited to tell

us of his adventures with his team.



Through the eyes of a missionary: "Such wide roads, and

so few cars! Look, people are driving in actual lanes!

Those trees are so green, and so many! Look how tall those

buildings are in the distance! Wow, we are really going

fast. It feels like the Indy 500!"



Matthew loved swimming in the lake at the campground in




Grandpa engages Dad in a game of carroms while Samuel

looks on.



Even Matthew got to try his hand at this game.



Burgers on the grill were a treat that we had not enjoyed

in a long time.



I chased this little guy down after I found him in a building.

I was amazed at how he just sat in my hand after I picked

him up. Maybe he thought I wouldn't see him if he held

still enough.



He was definitely more camouflaged on the trunk of a tree.



The Blom generations. In the pink and gray are my

grandparents. (The yellow shirts designate Wallers, as

you probably already noticed.)



Stopping in Chicago to pick up the rest of our luggage,

David and I worked to try to fit everything in the van and

our camper.



Derrick's serve sends the volleyball over the net at the Olson

family reunion.



Rebecca isn't quite big enough to kick the ball very far, but

she has learned that if she just taps it, she can usually outrun

the throw to first base.



Finally home. I climbed the silo to get this picture of our

house as we worked to unpack our things and dry out

tent and camper.



The younger ones have especially enjoyed being back

on our farm.



Haying time is always exciting, and a good chance for a

ride if you are in the right place at the right time.



Lydia, our animal lover, was delighted to find some wild

baby rabbits in our front yard.



They were very cute, and even held still for pictures.



These are potato blossoms, a tribute to Derrick's hard work

in the garden.



Lydia called me again to show me a large moth that she

had found near the corn crib.



She was really curious about the long featherlike antennae.



All around the farm we are seeing new evidence of the

returned family.



Sunset over the treetops.



Rachelle carefully climbs down the ladder while painting

some sections on our garage.



David works to weld a broken front axle frame on our riding 

lawn mower. Somehow farm use tends to wear a little more

on these machines.



You can see the home page of our family website for a

full size Prayer Card picture. We are so grateful for

each one that has been praying for us!



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