Pictures 10/09/06

Below you can see additional pictures that I could not include in the Prayer Update e-mails.


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The main auditorium at the Northwood Conference Center in Upper

Peninsula Michigan.


One of the oarlocks on the rowboat had broken during our swim across

the lake, so we were having trouble getting the rowboat back to the

dock. Derrick went back in a kayak and sent out the motorboat to tow

us back in.


A fireplace in the lobby gave the room a cheery glow.


This was my first time to stay  in at the Northwoods Conference Center.


Mr. Norvell and his wife with Mr. Norvell and his wife. Bob and Joe did a

great job, and were a perfect father-son team for a father-son conference.

I have really appreciated getting to know Joe a little over the past few



The Waller guys. Matthew was quite excited to be able to go, and fit

right in with the group, even though he was one of the youngest ones.


The roads around the lake gave good opportunities for biking.


Another birthday! David turned the ripe old age of twenty in September.


The smaller Wallers called me outside to look at some winged ants.

After studying ants for a story a couple months ago, I recognized that

these were all male ants. (Since only the males have wings.)


At the Edinbrook church, we shared our story with an interesting

mixture of older and younger folks.


Young and old listened with attentiveness as David share the story of

what the Lord has been doing in our family over these months.


After over 10,000 pictures, David's digital camera became very sick

and died in the process of surgery. (The repair was unsuccessful.)

This update is noticeably missing David's excellent photographic



A delegation of the Wallers connected with some friends in Minnesota.

It has been a blessing this summer to meet with a number of people

that we have not seen in many years.


Sarah's cooking skills continue to be a great blessing

to our family.


A couple weeks ago, we had two of Dad's brothers, a brother-in-law,

and two nephews over for a Thanksgiving style dinner. Only one of Dad's

brothers had ever been to our farm before.


Uncle Ed and his son Ben enjoyed talking with Derrick about their

farming ventures. It was a neat time of fellowship together with Dad's



The trees are beginning to change color now, with fall settling in.


These little photos just don't do it justice. You have to

see it in real life to fully appreciate the color.


At least the photos bring back memories of the panoramic

view of color in the woods on the north side of our farm.


The milkweed pods are splitting open, sending the fluffy seeds to the

fall winds.


This quiet section of woods was a favorite place of mine to walk.


Beautiful color, but for so short a time. In Scripture our lives are

compared to the flowers of the grass, which appear for a little time,

and then they are gone.


Our home, as seen over the top of Derrick's cornfield.


These trees have lost nearly all of their leaves now.


Back at the Northwoods Conference Center for the Eternal Impact



In the smaller picture you can't quite see the raindrops sparkling on

this pine tree.


We had some hours of very beautiful weather between the rain showers.


Between the sessions we had free time to enjoy the quiet natural

beauty all around us.


I cannot think of a prettier place to spend a quiet weekend in the fall.


The colors of the trees were near their peak during the conference.


I had my camera with me on a kayak when the sun came out, affording

some pictures of the quiet shoreline.


It was so quiet.


On one of the evenings, everyone was encouraged to dress up in

clothing from the 40's for a special dinner. The three of us figured that

our Christmas caroling outfits would be close enough.


On another morning, the guys got up early to cook breakfast for everyone

over campfires by a lake.


I enjoyed getting to know Nathan, a new friend.


In this area of the woods, the moss was so thick it felt

like I was walking on four-inch carpet.


I nearly fell into the lake getting back into my kayak, but managed to

grab another log just in time.


I am so grateful for the time away in the Northwoods,

especially as we anticipate a full schedule in Mongolia.


It floats!


The smaller Wallers enjoyed the opportunity to finally test out their raft.


We kept the raft on a light rope, but the paddles worked well to propel

the craft. Even Dad tried it out.


A few of us enjoyed lunch with Grandma after a dentist appointment in

the Cities.


The Waller carts made quite an impressive lineup as we got ready for

checkout with our clothes for Mongolia.


The manager dedicated three cash registers to our group as we worked

through the checkout process.


It would have made an interesting picture, all of us walking out of the

store with bags of clothing, but we were glad to see that everything

fit in the van.


A group of happy shoppers. Mr. and Mrs. Klawitter pose with our family.

We are so grateful for the many dear friends that God has used to

encourage our family!


Another birthday! This time it was Rachelle (and Sarah, two weeks later).

Friends from the Cities brought a cake and gifts for the birthday girls.



Hope you enjoyed the pictures!! 



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