A Tribute from a Twin

Isaac Waller

Isaac and I were born in 1980 in St. Paul, Minnesota as the first of 10 children. From playing cars to climbing trees, we did everything together. At five years of age, we both made the most important decision of our lives, to put our faith in Jesus Christ.

Wanting to protect us from wrong influences, our parents chose to educate us at home. In this family centered environment our creativity abounded. A homemade raft, a 23 foot kite, a bicycle stagecoach, and a powered 12 foot model airplane are just a few of the projects we did as we grew up together.

Even though I was 15 minutes older, I often looked up to Isaac and admired his maturity and wisdom. Isaac was a gentle and loving brother. His quiet patience lived out an example that we will never forget.

Isaac loved his family, but his greatest love was for the Lord. He walked away from promotion and a high paying job to serve those that could never repay. The greatest reward for him was to one day hear his Lord say: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

In June of 2005, Isaac left his home and job in America for volunteer service with his family to the people of Mongolia. We never expected that these would be his last months to selflessly pour out his life for others.

Even in his last hours in pain and suffering, Isaac had a joyful radiance that bore testimony to a life at peace with God. No good works could ever repay the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Isaac was resting in confidence that God is faithful Who has promised in His Word to give eternal life to all who call upon Him. Today, our family rests in that same confidence that we will see our brother again in heaven.

Although our dear brother has gone to his eternal reward in heaven, his testimony lives on in our hearts. May we also follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ who gave that others might live.

Adam Waller, Twin Brother

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