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Merry Christmas from the Waller Family!!!

Image02 We have so much to be grateful to the Lord for this year. Here are just a few of the updates from each of the members of our family.

Mom and Dad celebrated 40 years of marriage this November! It is a special blessing to have parents that have held true to their word, love, and commitment to each other.

They celebrated by returning to the place they met for the very first time. God brought them over 1,500 miles to meet each other in a small Christian retreat center in Washington State. I’m grateful to my parents for so much! I owe so much to them!

Adam & ValerieAdam and his wife, Valerie, continue to be involved in ministry. Adam’s computer expertise continues to be a blessing to everyone he serves! A beautiful baby girl was born to them September 6th, 2013.

Abigail Renee Waller has been delightful! She loves to climb up and down stairs and is especially intrigued by electronic devices 🙂 . She seems to be pretty quick at finding new settings and features on any cell phone she can get her hands on 🙂 . You can visit their website:

DerrickDerrick continues to farm on the home front, as well as the many other acres he rents and owns. He has around 50 head of cattle that he raises for beef.

Derrick was the main driver for a 9 week, 12,000 mile road trip that he and three of the other guys in our family took. Their main goal was to encourage other families as they gathered to fellowship around the Word of God. They put on many miles and seemed not only to encourage those they connected with, but were also very encouraged themselves. We live in a hurting world. I think many of us can agree with that. It is especially important during these times that we can be encouraged through God’s Word.

Rachelle & JosephRachelle and her husband, Joseph, continue to raise their two children in Toronto, Canada. It is special every time we get to have a visit with them! The children grow so quickly!

Serena Grace will be four years old in January. She is very full of life with an amazing intellectual capability. She loves to play at the park especially when it includes a splash park! She is also learning to ride her bicycle and does very well.

Nehemiah & Serena Grace Nehemiah turned two this fall. He has a smile that is irresistible. His strength and muscle control is incredible. One day, I saw him in action as he was playing at the park. With a shovel of sand in one hand, he began to climb on the jungle-gym-train. First he stepped on the back of a train using no hands, just balancing, as he placed one foot almost waist high and slowly climbed the back of the train. What coordination! He loves to play! Both Nehemiah and Serena Grace run very fast!

David & PriscillaDavid and Priscilla continue to maintain a very full schedule in ministry. They love to open their home and have shown much hospitality as various ones of us travel through the Chicago area. Paul continues to grow and is full of energy! He is now 21 months and immensely enjoys playing with balls! His understanding of sports is incredible. He’ll pick up a volleyball and want you to lift him up so he can toss it over the net. Same with basketball. How does a child who is not even two know that stuff?

On November 12, 2014, he was very excited, along with his parents, to welcome the newest addition of the family, a baby sister, Davia [deh-VEE-uh] Lynn Waller. She is a beautiful baby at just 6 weeks old. Both mommy and baby are doing very well. You can visit their website:

SarahSarah, the writer of this article, had the privilege this past year and a half of serving in a prison ministry that is taking place in Central Florida. God is doing a tremendous work and it has been exciting to be a part of it.

One inmate was in tears as I shared with her the promise from God’s Word that, as a child of God, He would never leave or forsake her. Many times I take for granted the precious promises of God’s Word that some have never heard or have not taken for themselves.

Though outwardly they cannot experience many of the freedoms I enjoy, many of them are freer on the inside than people I see walking around in the “free-world”. Some of the most Godly, strong Christians I know are behind the walls of that prison!

SamuelSamuel is an energy giver! He is a tremendous uncle to his nieces and nephews! Samuel served on staff at In The Gap for two years!

He was a tremendous aid to the team as they taught character in classrooms and after-school Bible Clubs in the public schools of Oklahoma City.

He is an amazing “go-to-person” for just about anything. He’ll find a way to help! This summer, when our family purchased a 15 passenger van, we discovered it had some pretty serious undercarriage and front end damage. Samuel spent hours replacing necessary parts and making it a vehicle we are able to use!

LydiaLydia is growing in her abilities with graphic arts. She is now serving at a ministry in that capacity. She also spent time at In The Gap and served on their graphics team, helping keep people updated on the work happening in that very important harvest field.

Lydia has a heart for the lost. She loves to talk one-on-one with people and lead that conversation towards the Lord. Just the other day I overheard her talking with a girl. “Do you know who Jesus is?” What an important question! Lydia accompanied Samuel as they helped lead programs for children across the country in three different locations this year.

RebeccaRebecca is a dynamic young lady with lots of talent! She was at home for several months this year, but has recently joined David in the office at the ministry where he is serving.

She is a tremendous asset to the ministry. She is very diligent and organized and seems to be a perfect fit! She continues to grow in her skills of piano playing. It is fun to listen and watch her play.

MatthewMatthew is quickly becoming one of the tallest members of the family. He has been a huge blessing cutting fire wood, washing dishes, singing, and helping out in various other ways around the farm.

He is a very cheerful guy. He is very good at striking up conversations with people he hasn’t met before. He took the 9 week trek along with the others. It was a neat experience to travel around the country and get to meet many new people.

He has especially grown in his singing ability these past few years. As the four brothers traveled along, they were able to practice singing together. Matthew has a beautiful baritone voice and added a very nice touch to the quartet.

Thank you for being a part of our family through your support, love, and prayers! I realize it has been a long time since we have posted anything on the website and wanted to take some time and update you on each member of the family. May God bless you and give you a Joyful Christmas, realizing that He is the GREATEST GIFT ever given! Merry Christmas!

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