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A Test of Focus

Adam's Updates

Friday, September 30th, 2005
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Dear Family and Friends,

Several days ago I was talking with a missionary that works in the countryside, a nine hour drive by 4WD vehicle. He had come into the city to gather supplies for the next few months of work in a remote town West of Ulaanbaatar.

Relating some of his recent experiences with the local people, he shared about a Mongolian man that I will call George. Living in the Mongolian countryside, this man was just trying to get enough income to meet basic needs.

A few months ago, George came to Christ. It was shortly after this decision that his race horse suddenly started winning championships. He went on to sell this prized horse for the equivalent of two years worth of income!

Talking with the missionary about it, George said “The Lord has really blessed me as a Christian!” It would be hard to disagree, but my missionary friend was a little concerned. God does sometimes choose to bless His children with material possessions, but this is not always the case.

It would be very easy for George to stand on the hillside, looking over his new flocks of sheep, cattle and horses, and think back on his decision to trust Christ with the feeling that it was probably the best decision he ever made.

When God chooses to bless a Christian in this way, there is the danger that he will become distracted by the gift, and forget the Giver. The thing that began as such a blessing can become the very distraction that leads him away from a close relationship with the Lord.

In the book of Deuteronomy, God warned the Israelites that there would be a day coming when they would be experiencing the blessing and enjoyment of the Promised Land, but unless they were careful to maintain a right focus, they would be turned away to other gods, and would surely perish. (See Deuteronomy 8)

In some ways I almost feel like George as I look at the opportunities that God has opened up before us. Some missionaries in Mongolia, like my aforementioned friend, are under restrictions from the local government, and are not allowed to share their faith outside their own home.

In contrast, we are sharing the gospel message with people almost weekly, and hearing many reports of people coming to Christ. Every few days it seems that we have the opportunity to counsel and encourage local Christians, or visit with missionaries.

Finishing our first month of regular character classes at the Mongolian International University, we are seeing deepening relationships with many of the students. One young man wanted to talk with David after class on Wednesday. After a question on the lesson, he began asking about Christianity.

Gathering several friends in the cafeteria a little later, he asked David to share more about the Gospel message. He is reading the Bible, and wants to talk further when they get the chance. Pray for Ogii. He is not far from the Kingdom of God.

We are currently teaching all 250 of the freshmen and sophomore students at MIU, but others have been asking if they can join the class. Some of the older students asked if we are going to teach the juniors and seniors in the upcoming semester.

Just last week a second World Vision Area Development Project Leader came to ask us if we could do regular character trainings for her staff. Teaching bi-weekly character training lessons to 50 law students at one of the most noted law schools in the nation has further expanded our regular teaching schedule.

Several churches and Christian groups have also asked if we can begin teaching on the Commands of Christ and character with a Christian emphasis. While originally intended for the encouragement of local missionaries, our bi-monthly Family Nights of Christian teaching and fellowship have expanded to over 40 adults and 25 children.

With so many things to be busy doing, it is easy to forget being who God wants us to be. The account of Job is a good example of how quickly material things can change, and one does not have to think very hard to realize how quickly opportunities and ministry can change.

Returning from an exciting tour of ministry, Jesus’ disciples exclaimed “Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.” While He rejoiced with them in their reports, He gently turned the focus back to the more important issue. “Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.” (Luke 10:17-20)

If our joy is fixed on our relationship with the Lord, then we have a joy that no man can take from us. When we have open doors and ministry opportunities before us, let us go forward, but let us never forget that vital relationship that keeps us strong for the race before us.

Praise Points:

– Puja and Erdenee’s wedding was a powerful testimony of a dedicated Christian couple that waited on God’s timing and the blessing of their parents for their courtship and marriage. Puja’s parents came to the Lord last year, and they have had some good discussions with Erdenee’s family in the past few weeks.

– One of the great joys that I have had in working in Mongolia is to be able to help people in the area of computer skills. A few days ago I finished replacing a failed hard drive in a laptop computer for a missionary family. We were very thankful to recover all of their documents from the partially readable drive.

Prayer Requests:

– In the process of applying for work permits and visas, we seem to have generated some misunderstandings with one of the Labor Office staff. Ziyaa was planning to visit our office for the past couple weeks but has not been able to come yet. We are actually glad for the opportunity to show her who we are, and what we are involved in. Pray that we would have a good meeting with her, and that she would have a clear understanding of our purposes and activities in Mongolia.

– For the past several weeks, I have been wanting to move forward on the Mongolian Bible software project. Up to this point I have not had much time to work on it. Pray that the Lord would give grace and favor as I meet with the Mongolian Union Bible Society to discuss copyright and distribution. I am really hoping that we can have permission to freely distribute this Bible software in Mongolia.


For David’s birthday, we enjoyed a family hike up a nearby mountain. Here Isaac and Matthew enjoy some peaches and trail mix on a nice soft rock.

The view from the top was quite spectacular. Here David, Dad and Rachelle look out over the city of Ulaanbaatar. The Lord answered prayer in giving us a beautiful day for the birthday hike.

The Waller family poses for a picture with the new couple. Puja is wearing a traditional Mongolian dell (the white garment), while some of the men wore a cowboy type hat.

I took this picture a few minutes ago from the balcony of my apartment. There are many of new buildings being built in Ulaanbaatar, and construction crews are working around the clock to finish before winter.

Mom and the younger ones have begun school for the year. Today I was invited to be the special guest instructor for the computer history chapter of their workbook.

A summer day in Outer Mongolia. Actually there were a few days of summer left when we received our first snow on September 16th. (Don’t worry, the weather turned warm again, and we have enjoyed some beautiful autumn days.)

Thank you so much for praying for each of us!

In Christ,

– Adam


Thank you for your prayers for our team last month! We faced a great deluge of unexpected difficulties and challenges, but the Lord poured out His grace and we are going strong.

Adam Waller ~

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” – Galatians 6:9

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